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Can we have a relationship, and therefore co-operation, without the authority of the image? How am I consciously to examine all the images which lie hidden in the recesses of
Why does pleasure play such an important part in our lives? When there is the quality of deep, passionate freedom, then sex has its own place. Then what is chastity? The word
How is one to have the quality of energy which is without friction? When you practise a method in order to achieve enlightenment, bliss, a quiet mind or a state of tranquillit
Q: Thought is a material process. What is the relationship between that and intelligence? Thought is mechanical, measurable, a movement in time. Is intelligence mechanical, in
Q: Does learning require thinking, or only awareness? To be aware is to be conscious, to be in relationship with what you observe outwardly and also our inward reactions. Awa
Q: Why don't we see the division between the observer and the observed? How does the division come about which causes conflict and misery? Are we aware that we are fragmented?
How are you going to meet the world? Conforming and imitating. Are you revolutionary? Do you own ideas, beliefs and conclusions? Responsibility, laziness and authority. Why ar
Energy without motive. Resistance and wasting energy. Contradictory demands. Action without conflict. Action based on facts. You can live without an image. The Ganges. Mornin
What is emotion? Is there a feeling which is not a reaction? To see originally, without the image. When are images necessary? The implications of mediocrity. Be clear why you
Can I act without any kind of fear? We are here to learn. Dependency on someone to learn. Refreshing the mind between lessons. What am I to do when I have been hurt? Listen co