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How Can We Bring About a Good Society?

Public Talk#7

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Part 7 of 7

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So our enquiry into this: which is, why human beings separately, you are seeking something, another is seeking something totally different, each one is asking something different. Right? And therefore there is always this self-centred movement. And the society which we have created is based on these self-centred problems, self-centred ambitions, fulfilment and self-centred discipline which says, 'I must', which brings about violence. We are enquiring into all that, which we have, and also we are enquiring into a mind - your mind - mind - you understand? When we use the word 'mind', it is not your mind, or my mind - mind. Because your mind is like the mind of thousands and millions of people. Right? Striving, struggling, demanding, following, accepting, obeying, idealising, belonging to some religion, sorrow, pain, anxiety, your mind is that and the other minds are like that. Right? So your mind is not yours. It is the mind. I don't know if you see this. You may not see this because your vanity, your sense of individual importance may prevent this observation, which is actual. Right? I wonder if you see this. That is why, until we really understand this, that we human beings are so similar psychologically, we human beings right throughout the world are so unhappy. They all pray, but prayer doesn't answer this problem. They are still unhappy, still striving, still despairing. This is the common mind. And so when we are enquiring we are enquiring into the human being, not me and you. We are human beings. I wonder if you see all this

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