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Intelligence, Love and Compassion

Public Talk#6

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Part 6 of 7

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How shall we find it? Is it dependent on another? Follow this carefully. Can another, however much he may think he is lord and this and the other, can another lead you or help you to that? Right? Please ask this question. Can a group, can a community, can a series of ideas, conclusions, help you to that? Or one must be a light to oneself, not the light which has been kindled at the other's lamp or candle, or fire. You are following this? Please, give your heart to understand all this! Which means not only your heart, your mind, your brain. Freedom is not acting according to whatever you like. That is too childish, which is what is happening in the world, because everybody is doing what they want. And any prevention, any restraint on that is considered lack of fulfilment. Therefore permissiveness in every direction, religiously, socially, morally, is encouraged. And this permissiveness, that is doing exactly what one likes, or saying 'It appeals to me, I feel good in that', denies freedom - we are talking psychologically not freedom from law, from the policeman, from taxes - but freedom from the dependence on another psychologically, because the other, when he instructs you from his knowledge, from his position, from his status, that knowledge is still part of ignorance, because knowledge can never be complete, therefore it is always part of ignorance. Right? I wonder if you see that. Of course.

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