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Saanen, 1982. Question & Answer.

Question & Answer#1

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Part 1 of 3

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We live such rotten lives - smoke, drink and all the rest of it - we're all the time corrupting the natural process of life. Right? Pollution, polluting the air, waters, eating dead animals. Right? Carcasses. And indulging ourselves in various forms of sensation, and taste becomes all-important. So physically we yield to all the things that seem so abnormal. Right? And that may be, and perhaps it is one of the causes of physical pain, which is disease and illness. We're not going into the question now what is disease and what is illness - we'll do that another time. Or you have an accident, in a car. Your arm or your leg is broken and so on, so on. Can one look at all this pain, physical pain, if it isn't too acute, to observe it, and remain with it for a while, as long as one can? You understand my question? Do we accept physical pain, or we are always trying to get rid of pain? If it is acute, naturally we want to be free of pain. But can we observe pain, not being identified with pain? You understand my question? Suppose I have a bad headache, migraine. Can I observe it, not identify myself with it? You understand my question? Or we say, 'My god, I've got such an awful headache, I must do something about it.' Or, if it isn't too terrible, can one be free of all identification with that pain? Right? Enquire into it, find out.

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