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Saanen, July 13th, 1982

Public Talk#2

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Part 2 of 6

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Now, why is it that we are insecure? Begin inwardly first, please. You understand? The outward things are controlled, shaped by inward action. Our psychological demands control the outward circumstances. Right? We have created the society, the society in which we live. We are responsible for it, not the present generation, a thousand generations of human beings have produced this, of those generations I am a part of it. So we have produced this. And we say one must be secure. Why? Because inwardly we are uncertain, confused. Right? If I am very clear why should I demand security? So we are going to find out the cause of this urge, this longing for security - what is the cause of it? I feel secure in putting on a certain robe. I belong to a certain group, I feel safe. I feel safe when I say 'I am British', or Swiss. Inwardly too, when I say 'I am a great man', or I have a job which satisfies, and so on and so on and so on. So, what is the cause of this uncertainty? This deep sense of insecurity. We all want security - right? So what is the cause of it? Go on, sir. What is the cause of my insecurity? My feeling of loneliness, of my feeling totally dissatisfied with everything, discontent like a flame that is burning in me about the things man has done, which I don't want to do but I don't know how not to do. You understand? I am burning, I am anxious, depressed. I want to change the world but I don't know how. I want to stop wars, and politicians won't listen. The speaker has tried it. So, why is the brain, which can only function in complete security fully, knowing it can only function in that way yet it is constantly living in uncertainty, insecurity - what is the cause of it? Don't look at me, please look at yourselves and find out.

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