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Saanen, July 15th, 1982

Public Talk#3

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Part 3 of 6

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So, has love a cause? Come on, you are all - you should answer this question. Look at it, sir, please take time, look at it very closely, let us go into it very carefully. We said intelligence has no cause, therefore it is not your intelligence and my intelligence, it is intelligence. It is light. Where there is light there is no your light or my light; sun is not your sun or my sun. It is light, the heat, the clarity of light. Has love a cause? If it has not, then love and intelligence go together. You follow? You see this? When I say to my wife or my... when one says to one's wife or one's girlfriend, 'I love you', what does it mean? I love god - one loves god. Why? You don't know anything about that bird and you love him, because there is fear, there is a demand for security, there is the vast weight of tradition, the book says so, it gives you comfort. Right? So you say, 'I believe in god'. But if there is no fear and the discovery that intelligence is total security, and that love is something beyond all causation - you understand? - which is order. And then the universe is open, because the universe is order. Right? This is all clear.

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