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Action That is Always Correct

3rd Public Talk at Saanen, 1980

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So when we observe attachment towards somebody or something - a piece of furniture, is the person who is attached different from himself, the attachment? You understand what I am saying? Obviously not. Therefore when there is no division and therefore no conflict, the whole process of attachment comes to an end. Please test it. Don't accept a thing anybody says, including myself. Test it. That is, see actually what you are attached to, tied to: to your name, to your family, to your brother, sister, father, wife, girl, boy, whatever it is, to the bishop, or to the pope, or some other person. If you are, just observe it. But if you like to be attached, if you like all the consequences of that attachment, you are perfectly welcome, nobody is going to stop you. But if you want to find out whether there is an action which is incorruptible, which is correct under all circumstances then you have to be free from all values, from all attachment. Because when you observe attachment it is intelligence that is seeing the whole process of it, not analysis.

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