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Breaking the pattern of conditioning

4th Public Talk at Saanen, 1980

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We are saying there must be a cause for this disorder. What is the cause? Are there several causes for disorder in our life or there is only one factor that brings about disorder? You are understanding my question? - not my question, your question. First of all, are we aware that we live in disorder? I think that is fairly clear. We are. We may have patches of sunlight, but most of the day we live, as we are doing now, with rain and clouds. So we are not talking about patches of order which are really the forgetfulness of disorder. So what is the cause of it? Or are there several causes? There must be disorder when there is contradiction, not only in your action, which is not only in your thought - in your behaviour. Contradiction, saying one thing and doing another. Obviously. And there must be disorder as long as we are conforming. Right? Conforming to an idea, to an ideal, to an image which has been created by another. All right? Which is: as long as there is contradiction in ourselves between action and the fact, between what we think and what we do. Right? That is: as long as man, mind, is trying to change 'what is' into 'what should be', there must be disorder. The totalitarian Communist world have their theoreticians according to Marx and Engles and Lenin and Stalin, all that, and have created a concept, an ideological world and the people there in their authority, in their power are shaping man to conform to that. You are following? This is what all religions have done. There is not much difference - perhaps there is a certain difference - between the totalitarian world and the religious world and the fascists. They are all following the same path, perhaps mildly, gently, forcefully, aggressively, threatening, but it is the same direction.

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