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Is There Anything Sacred in Life?

7th Public Talk at Saanen, 1980

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So we are asking whether you can live in this life without a single image. Which means: is there security beyond the image? You understand my question? Is there a sense of well being, a sense of not being hurt psychologically, wounded? Is there such a state so completely secure, not the security brought about by thought, through the image, through the symbol, through various forms of conclusions, ideals and so on, which do not give security, but it gives the illusion of being secure? You are following all this? Oh, for god's sake, we are moving together? It is very difficult to talk or have a serious meeting with so many people, because we are all thinking so many different things. Each one is concerned with his own problems, with his own desires, with his own pursuits, you are committed to this guru or to that idea, so you just come and listen, agree, disagree, just casually carry on. But if you are serious, and life demands that one be serious, not only in the present state of the world, what people have done in the present and the people who are doing it, if you are not aware of all that, which is in ourselves, then we live and bring about corruption, degeneration.

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