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Question & Answer Meeting 2

Brockwood Park 1979 Public Meetings

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Q1: The speaker has said going to an office everyday is an intolerable imprison- ment. Is K's teaching therefore only for the few? Q2: Isn't insight intuition? Would you discuss this sudden clarity some of us have? What do you mean by insight and is it momentary or can it be continu- ous? Q3: You say organizations will not help man to find what we Christians call salvation. So why do you have your own organization? Q4: Is sex incompatible with a religious life? What place has human relationship in spiritual endeavour? Q5: Can thought be aware of itself as it is taking place? Or does the awareness come after the thought? Can consciousness be aware of its whole content? Q6: I have tried meditation, fasting and a solitary life, but it has come to noth- ing. Is there one thing that I can do that will end my seeking and my confusion?

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