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The Movement of Thought and Becoming

2nd Public Talk at Saanen, 1980

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The religious people say there is god. And that god has created this world. That god must be rather a miserable god, rather confused, corrupt god to make this world as it is. Or you have your own particular pet theory - the origin of all this. Intellectually conceived, intellectually comprehending the many philosophers, the theologians, the theoreticians of the Communists as well as the Christian theologians, and so on, you might have certain conclusions, opinions, judgements. But if you want to find out the origin of all this you must set aside everything of all that, obviously. And that demands not only a certain quality of strength, of perception, but it requires very careful observation, not analysis. Again, analysis is the pattern of time. We have analysed, analysed, analysed, not only the world outside of us but also philosophers, psychologists, psychotherapists have analysed our minds and have come to certain conclusions, certain concepts and so on. And we are conditioned by these people. And to find out what is the original cause of all this one must be free of all that, otherwise there is no freedom. Freedom is not to go from this village to that village, or freedom of choice in your job, freedom of speech, freedom of this and that, but real freedom lies when the mind and the brain, or the whole organism of psychological structure is free from all the patterns, from all the moulds, from all the impositions of others on our minds and heart.

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