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The Transformation of Man 1

Are We Aware that We Are Fragmented?
1st Dialogue

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K: Knowledge, psychologically I use knowledge. 'I know myself', when I really don't know, because I am changing, moving. Or I use knowledge for my own satisfaction. For my position, for my success, for becoming a great man in the world. I am a great scholar, I have read a million books and I can tell you all about it. It gives me a position, a prestige, a status. So is that it, that fragmentation takes place when there is a desire for security, psychological security, which prevents biological security...

DS: Right.

K: You say, right. And therefore security may be one of the factors. Security in knowledge used wrongly.

DB: Or could you say that some sort of mistake has been made, that man feels insecure biologically, and he thinks, you know, what shall I do, and he makes a mistake in the sense that he tries to obtain a psychological sense of security by thinking... by knowledge.

K: By knowledge, yes.

DS: By knowing.

DB: Yes.