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What is a Healthy Mind?

4th Discussion with Drs. Bohm, Hidley & Sheldrake, Ojai, California, 18 April


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What is analysis and what is observation?

Attention implies a great deal of care, affection, love. It's not just mental attention, it's attention with all your being.

You have established a kind of relationship, perhaps very profound, when there is love. I may reject you but you have that responsibility of love - not only to the particular person but to the whole of humanity.

What is an enemy? Is there such thing as an enemy?

I am mankind. Because I suffer or I enjoy, I go through all the tortures, and so do you. You are the rest of mankind, and therefore you have a terrible responsibility for that, in that.

Is there anything sacred in life? Not thought creating something sacred and then worshipping that as sacred, which is absurd.

If there is something beyond, why do we create the symbol, the intermediary?

If I want to find out if there is anything sacred I must start very near. The very near is me. And can I free myself from fear, agony, sorrow, despair? When there is freedom I can move, I can climb mountains.

Is silence of the mind a state of attention?

What is a healthy mind?

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