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When There Is Freedom

2nd Question & Answer meeting

(2nd Q&A) Full Version


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What is our present relationship with another? Not romantic, imaginative, flowery and all that superficial thing that disappears in a few minutes, but actually what is our relationship with another? What is your relationship with a particular person, perhaps intimate, it involves sex, it involves a dependence on each other, comforting each other, encouraging each other, possessing each other and therefore jealousy, antagonism, all the rest of it? And the man or the woman goes off to the office, or to some kind of physical work and there he is ambitious, greedy, competitive, aggressive to succeed and comes back home and becomes a tame, friendly, perhaps affectionate husband, wife and so on. Right? That is the actual daily relationship. Nobody can deny that. And we are asking: is that right relationship? We say no, certainly not, that would be absurd to say that is right relationship. So we say that but continue in our old way. We say this is wrong, it is absurd to live that way but we don't seem to be able to understand what is relationship, but accept the pattern set by society, by us, by ourselves - right? So we are going to find out for ourselves what is right relationship, is there such a thing? We may want it, we may wish it, we may long for it but longing, wishing doesn't bring it about. So what one has to do is to go into it seriously to find out.

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