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When There is Freedom

3rd Question & Answer Meeting

(3rd Q&A) Full Version


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Now the questioner asks: we are in conflict. Must it end? If we battle with each other all day long, as most people are, struggle, conflict, you know, the bitterness, the anger, the hatred, the repulsion - we bear it as long as we can, then comes a moment we have to break. We know the familiar pattern of this. There are more divorces than marriages after marriages. And the questioner asks: what is one to do? If I am everlastingly in conflict with my wife and somehow I can't patch it over, must the relationship end? Or I understand basically the cause of this disruption, of this conflict, which is the sense of separate individualities and I have seen the illusory nature of it and therefore I am no longer pursuing the individual line, therefore what takes place between me, who has perceived that and lives it, not verbally maintains it but actually lives it, then what is my relationship with the person, with the woman who still thinks in terms of the individual? You understand my question?

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