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When There Is Freedom

1st Question & Answer meeting

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Now can I observe myself without any direction, without any comparison, which is, 'I have had this before' - you follow? - just to observe without direction and therefore without motive. That is learning about yourself afresh each time. Not that you have accumulated knowledge about yourself and you know about yourself. If you go into it very, very seriously into this question you will find that it is not little by little by little, first step, second step, third step, first initiation, second initiation - but to see the truth of this instantly - you understand? To see the truth that the moment recognition takes place you are not knowing yourself at all. Is that clear? That requires a great deal of attention. And most of us are so slack, so lazy, we have got all kinds of ideas, that we must be this, we must be that, we must not be this. So we come to it with a tremendous burden. And so we never know ourselves.

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