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1. Where are we going?

1. Where are we going?

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Film 1 Ojai, California, USA
January 1, 1966

The world is full of misery and conflict, destructive brutality, aggression. Man has mastered the external world but inwardly he is still violent, acquisitive, competitive. Society has been built along these lines. The crisis in the world is actually a crisis in consciousness. It is important to bring about a revolution in the human mind.

“What we are trying, in all these discussions and talks here, is to see if we cannot radically bring about a transformation of the mind. Not accept things as they are. Nor revolt against it – revolt doesn’t answer a thing! But to understand it, to go into it, to examine it; give your heart and your mind with everything that you have to find out a way of living differently.”

The real revolution Series

These eight programmes were produced and broadcast in America by the National Educational Television Network. They represent the earliest sound films of Krishnamurti speaking to audiences – it was the first time that he had allowed his talks and discussion groups to be filmed. The principle settings are the Oak Grove in Ojai, California, and the Thacher School in the Ojai Valley.