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1st Question & Answer Meeting

1st Question & Answer Meeting

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Public Question & Answer 1 Madras (Chennai), India
January 6, 1981

Q1: Your appeal to stand up against the corrupt and immoral society like a rock protruding from the mid-stream of a river confuses me deeply.

Q2: You often switch over from mind to brain. Is there any difference between them?

Q3: Even though I understand each and every word of K, the message remains vague. What should I do to understand his message fully?

Q4: Is there really such a thing as transformation? What is it to be transformed?

Q5: I think that the saints created idols and stories to teach man how to lead a good and correct life. How can you call it nonsense?

Q6: You say that if one individual changes he can transform the world. In spite of your sincerity the world has gone from bad to worse. Is there such a thing as destiny?

Q7: Can a teacher inculcate decent behaviour in poverty-stricken children?

Q8: How does one go to the very source of thought so that there is a possibility of silencing the thinking process itself?