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Interview on education by Fred Hall

Interview on education by Fred Hall

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Interview on education by Fred Hall
April 9, 1975

Q: You are working toward the realisation of a new school in the Ojai Valley, an educational centre. Why another school?

Q: Would you mind taking those three words: 'whole', 'sane' and 'holy', and explaining to me what you mean?

Q: You talk of a school as a place where one learns both the importance of knowledge and its irrelevance. Can you explain 'irrelevance'?

Q: I'd like to ask you about three more words: 'thought', 'love', 'death', in the context of your views of them. If I may quote the pamphlet, you say, 'It is here one learns the importance of relationship which is not based on attachment or possessiveness. It is in the school one must learn about the movement of thought, love and death, for all this is the whole of life.'

Q: You have travelled far and spoken often and have been heard by millions, and you have created several schools with another now in the offing. Do you feel that you have made a dent, that you've communicated meaningfully with large numbers of people?