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Rajghat Study Centre and Retreat, Varanasi

Rajghat Study Centre and Retreat, Varanasi

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Born out of Krishnamurti's profound vision, the Rajghat Study Centre and Retreat is a place for self-exploration and learning, a space to delve deeper into existential questions of life. It is a place of great natural beauty and tranquillity where the atmosphere lends itself to the intention of such centres: learning about oneself, which is also the study of life, in the light of Krishnamurti's teaching.

Arising in the Himalayas, the Ganges flows across the great plains of North India through Varanasi, where the river takes a majestic curve. The Centre is set on a high prominence overlooking the quietly flowing Ganges. This is the place where Krishnamurti lived during his annual visits to Varanasi.

The Study has a library of Krishnamurti's books, audio and video recordings of his talks, research material on his works. It has a spacious reading room facing the river, a video room, a silence room, a dialogue room, and a bookshop. Krishnamurti's teachings are available in English, Hindi and other Indian languages. A research scholarship programme is available to individuals wishing to research any aspect of Krishnamurti's teachings. Theme Study Retreats and video screenings of Krishnamurti's talks and dialogues on fundamental human issues are held regularly. The Retreat Centre has furnished cottages with attached bathrooms. Simple vegetarian meals are served in the dining hall of the Centre. The Study is also open to day visitors.

For more information please visit: Rajghat Study Centre and Retreat, Varanasi

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Krishnamurti Study Centre
Rajghat Fort
221001 Varanasi
Phone: (0542) 2441289

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