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Rishi Valley Study Centre

Rishi Valley Study Centre

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The Krishnamurti Study Centre at Rishi Valley welcomes visitors who are interested in all aspects of Krishnamurti’s teachings. There are facilities for studying the philosophical implications of the teachings, and for exploring their impact in the areas of education, the environment, and society. The Study Centre also provides space for quiet reflection.

The Study Centre has a collection of audio and video recordings of Krishnamurti's talks, a well-stocked library of books on and by Krishnamurti, and books on related and general topics, with an emphasis on philosophy. Cottages for visitors are available on campus if reservations are made in advance.

Rishi Valley hosts Gatherings of the Krishnamurti Foundation India every four years and maintains a Study Centre at Madanpalle in the house where Krishnamurti was born.

For more information please visit: Rishi Valley Study Centre

Contact information

Krishnamurti Study Centre
Chittoor District
517352 Andhra Pradesh
Phone: (94) 9354 7822

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