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From whom are we learning?

From whom are we learning?

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Seminar 2 Rishi Valley, India
November 26, 1983

What does it mean to learn?

Is there a teacher to teach you to understand yourselves and how to look at the world?

If one can read the book of mankind, which is yourself, then there is neither a teacher nor a disciple - you are that.

Discipline, learning and intelligence are one whole, not separate activities.

Q: We tend to make your teachings into a system in our schools. What can we do about it?

Q: How can we help a child to be secure?

What am I to do, as a teacher, to make the student feel completely at home?

A person feels secure at home when there is no fear.

There is complete security only in intelligence.

What am I to do to help the student to be more considerate and to be concerned about others?

Reward and punishment create fear.