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Is it possible to renew the mind?

Is it possible to renew the mind?

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Is it possible to renew the mind?
Mai 24, 1967

When the mind is living through imagination and thought, it is incapable of living in the complete fullness of the present.

Thought has created time, not chronological time but psychological time. That is, 'I will be,' 'I should be.'

Is it possible for the brain to be quiet, to give an interval between the old and the new? This interval is the timeless nature in which thought cannot possibly enter.

That which has continuity is repetitive, which is time. It's only when time comes to an end there is something new taking place.

To die every day to every problem, every pleasure, and not carry over any problem at all; so the mind remains tremendously attentive, active, clear.

Since love is not desire or pleasure, how does one come upon it?

Q: Is the feeling of responsibility a part of the order and discipline you were talking about?

Q: Why don't people get angry with what you are saying?