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4. Meditation

4. Meditation

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Film 4 Ojai, California, USA
Enero 1, 1966

Our minds deteriorate as one grows older, or even when one is young. Is it possible to end the decaying process of the brain, and likewise to keep the body alert and energetic? Can the mind rejuvenate itself?

Is one aware of the image one has created about oneself? Is the image different from the image-maker? The observer who is aware of that image feels himself to be different from it and strives to alter it. But effort, struggle on the part of the observer is one of the factors of deterioration. The observer is the image, not the factor of rejuvenation.

Meditation is freeing the mind from the known.

The real revolution Series

These eight programmes were produced and broadcast in America by the National Educational Television Network. They represent the earliest sound films of Krishnamurti speaking to audiences – it was the first time that he had allowed his talks and discussion groups to be filmed. The principle settings are the Oak Grove in Ojai, California, and the Thacher School in the Ojai Valley.