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Life is a movement in relationship. When you seek comfort through another can there be any kind of relationship? When there is no relationship can there be love? Can you die
Self-knowledge is not according to any formula. You may go to a psychologist or a psychoanalyst to find out about yourself, but that is not self-knowl
If you allow time in relationship, there is no relationship.
Loneliness in relationships. What is relationship? Action. I want to find out whether my activity is isolating, building a wall round myself. Images. Can I live a life, daily
Q: Will thought and experiencing always remain, or appear to be as opposites, or is there an understanding which can bridge this gap? Is there a thinking without words? Though
Thought is a material process. There is nothing sacred whatsoever in the movement of thought. The crisis is in the very nature of thought. What is beauty? Why have human be
Freedom implies freedom from prejudice, belief, dogma and conclusion, so that you can observe yourself. Otherwise you will see what you want to see, or deny what you see. Con
What is our relationship to another, actually not theoretically? If that relationship is corrupt, dishonest, exploiting, corruption comes into being in the world. There can b
What do we mean by learning? Is there a different way of learning which is not accumulative, which is not mechanistic, which is not all the time functioning on the past moveme
What is the nature of beauty? What is its relationship to thought, time and love? Can memory apprehend that which is beautiful? Time is the movement of memory, knowledge, expe