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I believe this is the last talk here. The word is never the thing. The word is not action. But most of us live in words, in images, in symbols, and th
This is the last talk of this year. I think the more one observes the worlds condition, the more it becomes clear that there must be a totally differe
I think it is necessary to consider what is actually taking place in the world, not only in this country but in different parts of the world -there ar
One can talk endlessly, describing, piling words upon words, coming to various forms of conclusions, but out of all this verbal confusion if there is
It is as important to know or to understand what co-operation is, when to co-operate and when not to co-operate. It is important to co-operate and als
I hope we may continue with what we were talking about the other day when we met here. We were saying, the importance of working together, the importa
If we may, well go on talking over together the subject which we considered last time that we met here. It seems to me it is so important to understan
I hope you all like the idea that we meet next year in August, and there will always be, at least for the next five or ten years, Saanen Gatherings. I
If we may, well go on where we left off last time that we met here. We were going to talk about pleasure. And in exploring that very important factor
What is important is not the piling up of words or arguments or explanations but rather to bring about in each one of us a deep revolution, a deep psy