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Krishnamurti Study Centre Sahyadri, Pune

Krishnamurti Study Centre Sahyadri, Pune

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Located in the picturesque valley of the Bhima River, the Krishnamurti Study Centre is an integral part of the Pune Education Centre of KFI. It is built on a 140m hilltop plateau of the gently sloping Tiwai hill, 25km from Bhima Shankar, the source of the Bhima River, in a remote hamlet in interior Maharashtra. A winding road takes one up to the Study Centre. In the distance are the Sahyadri Mountains. The landscape and the climate make for an ideal place for retreat and inward exploration.

The Study Centre has well-furnished cottages for visitors to stay. There is a separate dining hall where one can take quiet meals. The library contains books of Krishnamurti and there is a facility for visitors to hear audio and watch videos of Krishnamurti's talks and discussions. A computer terminal with access to the published works of Krishnamurti is also available.

There is no fixed routine. One may spend time watching the surrounding hills, the still waters of the river Bhima or listening to the sound of the wind blowing over the hills, as one may also watch the stream of thought nonverbally, or listen to Krishnamurti's talks and writings as well as hold informal discussions with others. Physical activities of a constructive and healthy nature can be provided in the area of gardening and the kitchen.

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Krishnamurti Study Centre Sahyadri
Tiwai Hill, Rajgurunagar
410513 Pune , MH
Phone: (02135) 306192
Maharashtra IN

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