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Nations are at war, groups are at war, ideologies are at war with each other, creating conflict. After living for so many centuries, why is it that man cannot live peacefully
Q: What is responsibility in human relationship? What is your responsibility for human growth, human culture, human goodness? What is your responsibility to the earth? When yo
In meditation what is the place of search? Can one bring about order without understanding disorder? Is control necessary for order? Why do we need control when there is under
Q: What does it mean to be serious? In the word 'communication' is implied the art of listening. Listening demands a quality of attention in which there is a real sense of hav
What is our relationship with each other? In that relationship, is there order? How will you bring order there? Is desire, the sensory responses with images thought has create
Q: What is pleasure? What is desire? We are not condemning pleasure but observing it. To go into the question of pleasure one has to look into desire. Through propaganda desir
Isn't our actual daily life disorder? In pleasure there is frustration, pain, dependency. Is that love? Why has sex become so important in life? Can one see life as a whole in
Q: What is beauty? We are becoming more and more artificial, superficial and verbal. Has man lost touch with nature? Has he lost the delicacy, the sensitivity of the mind, hea
How am I to inquire into religion? What is religion, what is God, what is immortality, what is beauty? Can the mind put aside totally the structure of thought with regard to r
Q: What is religion? In the West and the East, in the world of Islam, Buddhism or Christianity the same principle goes on, worshipping an image which has been created. It is t