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When you are really quiet, alone with yourself, you begin to know yourself and to see the intricacies of your mind. Q: Why does the mind get disturbed when it is in a state o
Energy without motive. Resistance and wasting energy. Contradictory demands. Action without conflict. Action based on facts. You can live without an image. The Ganges. Mornin
Q: Does learning require thinking, or only awareness? To be aware is to be conscious, to be in relationship with what you observe outwardly and also our inward reactions. Awa
Putting the fire out. What is my action in this world? Rejecting the whole structure of thought. Is it a judgment to say the world is on fire? What love is not. Seeing in free
Can we act without ideation? Immortality is not an idea. It is something beyond ideation, thought and the bundle of memory which is all the 'me'. Love is not a thought proce
Do we respond to the whole field of existence? Must not there be love to do that? To love, to be responsible for the whole, one must go beyond suffering. Can we know the natu
Is sorrow ignorance of oneself? How does one go beyond loneliness? Can thought as measurement put an end to itself? When belief is threatened there is fear. Can the brain h
Q: Why is it so difficult to be free from attachment? Why is the mind attached to an ideal, a nationality, a person, experience, opinions and gods? Why does the mind cripple
Why is there the compulsive urge to commit oneself to an idea, a group, a certain way of thinking, to the course of a particular action? Is it possible for the mind to stand c
Q: Is the 'ground' indifferent to mankind, as the physical universe appears to be? How does one find out if there is something more than the merely physical? Q: Why is it tha