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The degenerating world. Unless you have a sense of depth in the mind you are going to be completely smothered by the world. What is going to happen to you when you leave Brock
How does your mind work when a problem is put before you? Are we clear in ourselves that we are going the same direction? Brockwood exists to uncondition ourselves and the stu
How do we prevent the misuse of knowledge? What is the function of knowledge? What is the function of a teacher? What is it we are basically attempting to do here? The knowled
I feel this place is your responsibility as well as mine. Do we feel this responsibility for the students? Is there total dedication to something which we think is serious? Wh
Q: Why is the mind pursuing pleasure all the time? Why do people deny pleasure, feel guilty or resist it? Pleasure begins at the very root of memory. There is the delight of
Q: Aware that thought is divisive, what are we to do? Thought is the response of memory. Are we as aware of this conditioning as we are aware of rain raining? Can one be awar
Can one totally eliminate in observation the activity of the 'me'? Is the observer looking at consciousness different from that looked at? Isn't the observer the past, with hi
Is there psychological time at all? Can the human mind change instantly? Why do we abstract an idea from what we see? Is it lack of energy which makes one postpone? Or, not h
Can the mind be free of suffering that corrupts all action? Is analysis of the cause of suffering a wastage of energy, as it involves time? Has thought brought about sufferin
Is there an area of the brain not contaminated by thought? Can the mind uncondition itself without thought which is time? Is there an energy not dependent on conditioning or