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Q: What does it mean to be aware? If you are aware every moment your conditioning does not exist. Is there an activity which is not mechanical? The mechanical part of the bra
Q: How is one to be aware of the content of one's consciousness? To be totally aware implies no observer. The observer is the past which therefore brings about fragmentation.
What is the aim of this school? Are you learning here? What is your attitude towards learning? Curiosity, energy and attention. One can learn only when there is freedom. Freed
Learning what is implied in authority. Why is conformity to authority so strong in the world? Why do you accept authority? Most people accept authority as a means of survival,
What is the most important thing to learn in life? Ambition, relationship, thought and love. What is the most essential thing in life, which will cover the whole field of exis
What is the starting point of inquiry and learning. The moment there is a competitive spirit, excellence ceases. Why are you competitive? Do you see that you are conditioned t
Are you envious of other people? Why dislike a fact? Why do you dislike somebody? Opposites. Violence implies comparison. Can the mind, so heavily conditioned for millions of
Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. Meditation and controlling thought. Mechanical meditation. Reality and illusion. Fact and truth. Complete action, out of time. What is action which h
Is there a thinking without words, images, symbols? Thought is a movement in time. The description, the word, is not the truth. The truth is 'what is'. Seeing the fact. In bec
Listening, interest and attention. Experience. What keeps the memory of yesterday's incidents active? An untidy mind cannot have a deep interest in anything. Images and hurts.