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Why has man throughout the world given so much importance to thought? Is there thinking without word, imagination or symbol? Is love between two human beings the result of a
When there is a response to a challenge, is that response free, in the sense unconditioned, or are all our responses conditioned? There is only one challenge, which we transl
A person who would find reality must be completely free of the influence of the word, propaganda and the symbol. When you believe, there is fear behind that belief. A mind t
Life is something that's constantly new, challenging us all the time with new demands and new phases. To that challenge we respond according to our old pattern and so there is
When pleasure becomes the dominating demand of life then there is constant breaking up of life into compartments, fragments and divisions. To be related means to be active in
To lay the foundation for meditation one must understand what living and dying are. Truth can never be experienced, that is the beauty of it. It is always new, never what has
To act according to a principle, belief or ideology is the fundamental distortion of energy. Is there action without formula? You cannot possibly invite reality, the heavens
How do you proceed to break down the wall of isolation? When you identify yourself with a group of people or a set of ideas, aren't you separating yourself? We want peace in t
To inquire sanely, rationally demands a free mind. How is a human mind which has been so heavily conditioned to change at all? Can a human being live without any kind of autho
What is relationship? What is thinking? Thought sustains an incident, a happening, as pleasure, and thought also sustains and gives a continuity to fear. Sorrow. How do you ob