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Are we heavily conditioned? Is the entity who wishes to break down conditioning different from the conditioning itself? Does the division between the observer and the observe
What is a problem? Is it possible to live without a single problem? Is our brain educated to solve problems? Do we look at the vast movement of life from the narrow window of
What is the nature of conflict? Can one live without any comparison? Is the desire to become, which is comparison and measurement, one of the causes of conflict? How does on
What has beauty to do with our daily life? Beauty and creation are outside time. Can greed evolve into non-greed? Can fear disappear through time or is time itself the root o
What is going to happen to us when the computer can do almost everything that we can do? What is the relationship of life to love, death and the search for something beyond th
We have given tremendous importance to the technological world and we seem to neglect, perhaps totally, the human way of living, what is happening to man. Knowledge gives you
Q1: What is beauty? Why do we like things that are beautiful? Q2: Is perception of the actual possible without the intervention of thought? Q3: How can one live with a husban
To learn is like a river moving, renewing itself all the time. Can we observe what is happening in the world? What is the cause of wars? Our consciousness, which is what you f
Why is there conflict in our life? Is it possible to live a daily life so that there is no division between the past, the future and the present? Is it possible not to recor
Is it possible in this crazy world to live a life in which every kind of problem and conflict doesn't exist? What is the art of living? Where there is division in us psycholog