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What is freedom? The inward, authentic, deep sense of unshakeable freedom - not from something - what is that freedom? What is religion? It is the desire for comfort, for hel
Q1: In spite of all my love, care and attention, I don't know where I lack in bringing up my daughter. Can you throw some light on the best way of educating a child? Q2: Why i
Q1: You often tell us to exercise our brain. Also you suggest to merely listen without acting upon what we have listened to. These two statements appear contradictory. Kindly
Corruption begins where there is self-interest. We have not exercised our brain, which is so extraordinarily capable, and we have expended our energy, our capacities in one di
In the search of security we never inquire into what insecurity is. The universe and earth are filled with sound, and we seek silence. If you understand sound, in hearing the
Is it possible to find out when our brain is confused, disorderly? Do you not share the sorrow of the rest of humanity? When you realise that you are the entire humanity, that
Are we wasting our life? Why has the brain separated living and death? The self, the 'me', the ego, the persona, is a bundle of complicated ancient and modern memories. Is the
Can I, being somewhat neurotic, look at myself? Why should I take a drug when there is a much more direct, simple way of looking at myself, which is in my relationship? Will d
Is it a fact that resistance is a wastage of energy? Any form of conclusion or opinion is a resistance, and divides people. I recognise I am resisting and I am learning about
Is it possible for human beings to find out if they can live in a state of non-duality? The very nature of thought is to divide, bring about fragmentation as the observer, the