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The talk starts with a short introduction about the newly created school at Brockwood Park. One of our major problems is to be sensitive, not only to one's own idiosyncrasies,
Most of us are seeking some kind of deep significance or meaning to life. Honesty is to see exactly 'what is' without any distortion outwardly and inwardly. Love is not sentim
Meditation and systems. One can only observe when there is no image through which one is looking. When I look at myself, is the observer different from the thing looked at? We
Q: What are the implications of conforming and is it possible not to conform at all? Why does the human mind conform? The whole process of education is conformity. Does conf
Q: What shall I do when I realize that my whole life is based on thought? Has feeling any significance apart from thought? Is love a product of thought? Can you remain with
Can the human mind solve our social and inward problems without any kind of violence? What is violence? Does a human being want to be free of all violence? Is it possible to l
Can one look without a purpose, without a direction, without a sense of duality? To deny something without really understanding it, is a form of violence. Any movement of thou
Why is there this tremendous activity of division in our lives? We want to live in total harmony, without the contradiction of desires. Is this possible? Can I look at dishar
To live a harmonious life attention must be non-contradictory. An action that is a product of analysis is non-action. A non-contradictory life, a life of complete and total ha
Is it possible to look at everything as a whole? Freedom means a quality of mind which has no division in itself. Is verbal comprehension really understanding? How do you see