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Silent colour footage in Sri Lanka of Krishnamurti's arrival and departure. He arrived in December 1949 and departed January 1950. The footage shows Krishnamurti waiting, ali
Q: One feels held in, bound, enclosed - is it possible naturally to come out of that and flower? It is very important to have freedom to observe, with no direction or motive.
Nations are at war, groups are at war, ideologies are at war with each other, creating conflict. After living for so many centuries, why is it that man cannot live peacefully
Our education is bringing about fragmentation of human action, and one questions why we educate our children, what the point of it is. Thought has created extraordinary techn
What does it mean to learn? Is there a teacher to teach you to understand yourselves and how to look at the world? If one can read the book of mankind, which is yourself, t
Relationship is one of the most sacred things in life. In relationship you discover everything that you are. Our actions, feelings, everything we do is limited because it is
There is no one to guide you, to tell you that you are progressing or to encourage you. You have to stand completely alone in meditation. This light can only come to you when
Ideals are separating people; nationalism is creating wars. Will you stop being nationalistic or calling yourself a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh? If I don't change now, my future wi
Q: What is responsibility in human relationship? What is your responsibility for human growth, human culture, human goodness? What is your responsibility to the earth? When yo
What is the function of an educator? Why in the modern world are children so violent, disorganized? What is meditation? Meditation is to cleanse the mind of every form of dece