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Q: Has tradition and culture any part in a religious life? The word 'religion' means to gather - gather all your energy to inquire into what is truth and reality, if there is
There is outer and inner fragmentation. Who is going to change man? Have organisations of any kind helped? To go very far we must begin very near, which is with ourselves. Is
Is there an action which is not fragmentary, which has no regrets and no sense of incompleteness? Is there security in the things of thought? Is all psychological security an
Is there psychological time at all? How do we deal with a problem? Is time involved in love? Is time, a movement in division, necessary? Can we change fundamentally, radicall
What is our relationship with each other? In that relationship, is there order? How will you bring order there? Is desire, the sensory responses with images thought has create
Have the gods been created from our sorrow and fear? In an inquiry, are you free of fear? Freedom is observation without conclusion. Can you observe the whole nature of sorro
Putting death in opposition to life, are we afraid to live and afraid to die? Attachment implies continuity. If it does not end, what happens to the whole movement of consciou
Does knowledge interfere with a religious life? The movement away from the fact does not bring about the understanding of the fact. When there is suffering, is that sufferin
Thought in itself being a fragment, whatever it does will bring about fragmentation. A religious mind is not fragmentary. When there is perception without the observer, there
Is it possible to find a religious way in a modern world with all the technological advancement and crumbling relationship? We are trying to examine a way of life which is non