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What is the source of this general human disintegration? Is the cultural crisis economic, political, religious, social, or is it at much greater depth, in the very consciousne
Is it possible to bring about a deep psychological revolution? Human beings in their interrelationship have created this society. Can that interrelationship be transformed?
Can the brain in itself undergo a fundamental revolution? Can I look at my wife or husband without the burden of knowledge? Can the mind, without any pressure or motive, tran
Is it possible to bring about a deep change in the mind? What is the manner of change taking place? What is the quality of mind that says, 'I really don't know'? When there
Q1: Your appeal to stand up against the corrupt and immoral society like a rock protruding from the mid-stream of a river confuses me deeply. Q2: You often switch over from mi
Q1: Why is it, as medical students, we never notice things in the way you do? We are not serious enough to change ourselves. Q2: Having been recently hurt, and having heard yo
If one is merely concerned with one's own particular salvation then that salvation is the furtherance of selfishness. Why is it that human beings, living in this marvellous wo
What is our relationship to another, actually not theoretically? If that relationship is corrupt, dishonest, exploiting, corruption comes into being in the world. There can b
Co-operation can come only when there is love. We are concerned with the salvaging of the brain, of the human mind. There is no individual brain; it is the brain of humanity
Why hasn't the brain been able to function in an orderly way? We are afraid to be radically, deeply free of mediocrity. The search for certainty is a form of mediocrity. Excel