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What will bring about a radical transformation in the total consciousness of human beings? Right relationship begins with the realization of the responsibility I have for myse
Do you know what it means to love somebody? Without compassion, human beings are destroying themselves. Is compassion the result of the ending of sorrow, the universal sorrow?
Q: Is it possible to be completely secure? If we deeply realize that there is no such thing as psychological security then we would not be in conflict. How do you observe fear
Q: What takes place when there is freedom from thought? Thought is limited and fragmentary because it is the response of memory. Its movement has created a reality, the illusi
Why do you come here and not go to other schools? What does communication mean? The first thing is to learn the art of listening. Can you live a life in which there is no con
When one is deeply hurt, the reaction is violence, hatred, anger or frustration. Is it possible never to be hurt? Is it possible not to compare one student with another? Ever
What do you think love is? When one says, 'I love you,' what does it mean? What is the depth of it, the full significance of it? In attachment there is fear. Do you know th
In each human being the whole history of mankind is stored. We are responsible for creating authority because we live a disorderly life. By observing the outer, I relate it t
Is each one of us in this small community flowering? Why is thought in itself limited? You have identified yourself with a small group. Why don't you identify yourself with th
If I want to listen to you I must pay attention to what you are saying. There must be no chattering in my mind. You say you must control thought but who is the controller? Is