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How shall we communicate with the student so that we have different kind of human being leaving the schools? What is the meaning of freedom? How do you establish relationship?
It is important to establish right relationship between yourself and the student. You cannot do this if you are sitting on a pedestal as a teacher and treating the students as
Is it possible to transform a human being, not over a long time but very quickly? As a teacher, do I realise that the world is me, or is that just words? How do you look at
As teachers, how shall we awaken this intelligence not only in the student but in ourselves? When a student is jealous and beginning to hate another, how do you go into it? D
Seeing something very clearly and acting instantly is intelligence. Can we convey that to the student? Can you observe attachment without any rationalisation? There is no thi
Q: How can one get across the essence of these teachings without the student becoming rigid and getting a very fixed concept of what it's about, and acting out of that and bec
Can there be a radical transformation in the content of our consciousness? Am I separate from the content of my consciousness? If the observer is the observed, what occurs? Ca
Sorrow implies grief, travail and neurotic behaviour. All that is in our consciousness. Can one bring about a profound revolution in it? Consciousness is conditioned by three
Is there an ideal, the 'what should be' different from 'what is'? Is it possible to transform 'what is' without the idea of time? Is love sensation, contact, thought, desire
Has pleasure, experience, knowledge, and the way we live and die any meaning? We are asking what the significance of life is. This is part of meditation. Meditation has no me