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Q: Is it possible to see the whole content of consciousness? Do you love anybody at all, not asking anything in return? How can you love when you are concerned about yourself
Q: What is it to be aware and what is attention? A chattering mind is a wastage of energy. What is the nature of thought that ceases when there is complete attention and aris
Why have money, sex and power become tremendously important in life? The world is asking you to be a great success in the sense being popular, well known, have plenty of money
Wastage of energy is disorder, so where there is order there is more energy. Do I live a disordered and contradictory life inwardly and outwardly? Is strength the opposite of
What is the common factor amongst all of us together? Pursuing pleasure. When you're isolated through pleasure, what then is relationship? At Brockwood our intention is to hel
Why is it we are conditioned? Who conditions us? The 'me' is always separate. Pleasure is not only in the past; pleasure is the past. Pleasure is one of the great factors of i
What is freedom? When we all talk things over, reasonably and clearly seeing together, there is no authority. If we all see the same thing there is no need for agreement. If y
At Brockwood we are trying to awaken intelligence that is not born of thought. Do you see the danger of division - politically, religiously, geographically, nationally? Intell
Thinking about the future creates fear. What is your relationship with each other? Is it based on intelligence, or on opinion, your like and dislike? Perception that you frigh
To be responsible implies responding, reacting correctly to any challenge or happening. What is it like to be without pressure? What happens to the mind that is in constant ba