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What is the difference between concentration, awareness and attention? What does it mean to have an insight into the nature of attention? Can you watch yourself without any mo
One cannot observe order in the universe if one is not completely, absolutely orderly. Your consciousness is filled with layer after layer of pleasure, fear, pain and sorrow.
Is there an action in daily life that is skilful yet not perpetuating the self? Can you be free of prejudice, conclusions and beliefs so that you can observe clearly? Giving
Is there an observation that does not end in desire? Can we observe the whole movement of desire? Is it possible psychologically to be free of all fear? What is the psycholog
We must investigate not only personal sorrow but also the sorrow of mankind. Do we deal with the multiple expressions of sorrow or the very root? To do this it is important to
What is the meaning and significance of meditation? The very inquiry becomes meditation. Is there a beauty not of things or ideas but in itself, and therefore goodness? Is the
Q: Does knowledge condition human beings? Knowledge means accumulation of information, experience, facts, theories and principles, the past and the present. This bundle we cal
Q: What is the state of the mind that is in the process of dying? What is death? Is there life after death, is there a continuity? If not, what is the point of living at all?
We say free will exists because we can choose between this and that. Apart from material things, why is there choice? Is there an action in which there is no effort of will at
Q: Is there a difference between reality and truth? All the things that thought has put together - literature, poetry, painting, illusions, gods and symbols - that is reality