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Q: Is there life after death? When the body dies the desires, the anxieties, the tragedies and the misery go on. They go on contributing to the vast common stream in which man
What is the need of a human mind, brain, to register anything at all? Are you really serious to find out the necessity of registration and the inadequacy psychologically of an
What do we mean by learning? Is there a different way of learning which is not accumulative, which is not mechanistic, which is not all the time functioning on the past moveme
Why do you make sex all-important, or family all-important, or your God? Am I escaping from myself when I am totally concerned with my wife, with my job or with sex? Can you g
Can thought bring about living a life every day harmoniously, with no distortion and not giving importance to one particular thing? Thought is a movement out of the past, so i
Why do we ever say, 'I understand intellectually?' What is the necessity of saying this? What is the value of a discussion or dialogue? What is the meaning of relationship, no
Why do we give so much importance to things outside of us and why don't we also give importance to learning about ourselves? Do we know ourselves? What is it that most of us w
Can we give sex its right place? Why do human beings go from one extreme of sexual permissiveness to the other, total restraint? Why don't you give importance to everything in
What does Brockwood mean to you? Will you make this place your home? Will intelligence be cultivated here by the staff and by you demanding that intelligence? Knowledge is on
Are you being educated to awaken intelligence? Whose responsibility is it to awaken this quality of intelligence? Sensitivity. Intelligence is not personal. What is right acti