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"THE CONFLICT BETWEEN thesis and antithesis is inevitable and necessary; it brings about synthesis, from which again there is a thesis with its c
It is only in the unoccupied mind that a new seed of learning can take place. Is it possible to live a life without a single effort? If there is effort there is no peace. Ou
Can I see that thought is destructive, except where it is essential? Why is it that we don't see something immediately? Do you know when you are thinking? Is the thing that we
If I condemn conflict, I have brought in another conflict.
Humanity lives in conflict. Conflict breeds violence.
The mind must be totally empty to see something new. Why does conflict arise? Through one escape, can the mind see the futility of all escapes, and therefore have no conflict
The isolating process inwardly and outwardly has brought about great conflict. Is my consciousness and thinking separate from yours? Is it possible to find a way of living wh
Let's talk things over together like two friends. What is the cause of conflict? Is there such a difference in oneself as the analyser and the analysed? When one realises deep
Thought is the root of conflict.
A mind in conflict, in any form, is a distorted mind. Saying it is in conflict and that it mustn’t be in conflict creates another conflict.