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Attention implies care, to look with care at one's own life, one's way of thinking and activity. You cannot care if there is no affection. Without freedom, total freedom, the
What do we mean by free will? Is there such thing? Is choice ever necessary? Freedom exists only when I perceive very clearly, when the mind sees things as they are. Q: Is it
"THE CONFLICT BETWEEN thesis and antithesis is inevitable and necessary; it brings about synthesis, from which again there is a thesis with its c
What is the aim of this school? Are you learning here? What is your attitude towards learning? Curiosity, energy and attention. One can learn only when there is freedom. Freed
Considering there is so much violence, disorder and confusion in the world, not only in this country, but almost everywhere, it becomes more and more
We have covered most of the problems of our life, the complicated existence. And we ought to also go into whether it is possible to end sorrow. I thin
Is sorrow the essence of isolation? What is our relationship to the sorrow of mankind? Is love devotion to a person or symbol? Without ending sorrow, how can there be love? If
Freedom is on the instant.
Is it possible for the mind to empty itself totally of fear? Fear of any kind breeds illusion; it makes the mind dull, shallow. Where there is fear th
To free the mind from all conditioning, you must see the totality of it without thought. This is not a conundrum; experiment with it and you will see.