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Fear is you who are observing it. Therefore there is no question of getting rid of fear. When you try to get rid of fear, you develop resistance calle
Q: What is the root of fear? In division thought is in operation. When there is no observer, who is the very essence of thought which is the past, then there is only actually
Q: What is correct action in a deteriorating world? The world is me and I am the world. In this disordered, violent society with its terror, confusion, misery, what am I to do
Is it possible for us to read the book of mankind, which has been handed down generation after generation for millennia? Any form of distorted observation will prevent clarit
The mind is incapable of observing if there is a motive.
The art of observing is much more important than the thing you observe.
Shall we go on where we left off? We were saying, werent we, that this division between the world and me is really very artificial. The society that m
I am so glad it is such a nice morning. A beautiful sky and lovely countryside. But I am afraid this is not a weekend entertainment. What we shall tal
May we go on with what we were talking about the other day, the day before yesterday morning. How difficult it is, we said, to face facts, facts being
Who is the observer who decides what to do, think and become? He is one fragment amongst many. What is the action that is total? Can thought bring about total observation? Has