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A documentary on Oak Grove School, Ojai, California
To understand the confusion and misery that exist in ourselves, and so in the world, we must first find clarity within ourselves and this clarity come
We are confronted every day, are we not, with dualistic problems, problems which are not theoretical or philosophical but actual? Verbally, emotionall
Is it not important to understand and so transcend conflict? Most of us live in a state of inner conflict which produces outer turmoil and confusion;
Can each one who is responsible for the conflict and misery in himself and so in the world allow his mind-heart to be dulled by erroneous philosophies
This morning I am going to answer questions only. These answers and talks will be of little significance if they remain merely on the verbal level. Mo
This morning I shall answer as many questions as possible. Questioner: If we had not destroyed the evil that was in Central Europe it would have conqu
Existence is painful and complex. To understand the sorrow of our existence we must think-feel anew, we must approach life simply and directly; if we
The problem of relationship is not easily comprehended, it requires patience and pliability of mind-heart; mere adjustment or conformity to a system o
The desire to be secure in things and in relationship only brings about conflict and sorrow, dependence and fear; the search for happiness in relation