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This new collection of J Krishnamurti's Letters to the Schools combines the letters originally published in volume I (1981) and volume II (1985) with seventeen previously unpublished letters from earlier years. The letters from volume I, numbered 1 to 37 in this edition, were dated fortnightly between 1st September 1978 and 1st March 1980. The letters from volume II, numbered from 38 to 55, were dated as follows: four monthly in November and December 1981 and January and February 1982, ten fortnightly from 1st October 1982 to 15th February 1983, and four fortnightly in October and November 1983.

The new letters included are numbered 56 to 72, and were dated between January and May 1968 (numbers 56 to 64) and fortnightly between 1st March and 1st July 1973 (numbers 65 to 72). These additional letters, although written earlier, are placed at the end.

The letters were originally dictated to a secretary, who typed them and sent mimeographed copies to each school.

Thanks to Mr K Krishnamurthy for valuable detailed editing suggestions.

Ray McCoy