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You can learn only if you do not know

You can learn only if you do not know

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Public Discussion 1 Brockwood Park, England
September 12, 1972

Q: Does learning require thinking, or only awareness?

To be aware is to be conscious, to be in relationship with what you observe outwardly and also our inward reactions.

Awareness reveals that I have a conclusion from which I act, which prevents the free flow of energy.

You see that you have many opinions and conclusions. You don't know why you have them or how to be free of them. Start with not knowing.

Knowledge is in the past whilst learning is vital, in the present.

In learning, which is a constant movement, can opinion and conclusion ever be formed?

Can thought be slowed down naturally? In learning about the function of thought, slowing down takes place without control or effort.

Can the mind empty itself without effort?

Q: Do LSD and other drugs slow down the mind?