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Can thought stop?

Can thought stop?

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Can thought stop?
Mai 28, 1967

When there is a process of recognition it is the projection of the past. The mind is always functioning within the field of time, which is of memory. Can the mind go beyond that?

What is pleasure and what is desire?

How is it possible, without control, subjugation or denying, for thought not to allow itself to interfere?

When all authority of every kind is put aside, denied, then you can find out for yourself.

When you are completely attentive, you see. It is only love that sees - not thought, the mind or the intellect. One has to learn how to look, how to hear.

Q: Could you distinguish between what you mean by the word 'recognizing' and 'being aware'?

Q: How is one to break off a concept that one has carefully built?